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pets talk: Get Dressed Up

on February 7, 2014

Xiao-B the Maltese was taken to Miss Dolito by a pretty girl. She had a boyish name but was just as pretty as her owner. When they first got here, she refused to leave her owner’s arms. So the owner held her throughout the conversation.

We waited for Xiao-B to start. She looked quite shy; we thought it was going to take a while, but then she just began to talk.

She said, “My sister dresses herself up every day.” She referred to the owner as sister.

We all looked at the girl when Xiao-B was talking about her. Hair, perfume, make-up and nice dress. . . she really was pretty well dressed up, just as Xiao-B said.

She continued, “She spends a lot of time dressing up, so she’s always late for dates.

The girl’s boyfriend nodded with a big laugh.

Xiao-B said, “She would change her clothes again and again and again. . . and then started to put on make-up and fake eyelashes. . . ” . . . before leaving for the date. We all got what Xiao-B wanted to say. 

The girl began to feel a little embarrassed and asked Xiao-B to talk about something else, but her boyfriend seemed happy that Xiao-B was on his side. He said he knew that already though he never complained to the girl.

The girl stared at Xiao-B, asking, “Do you come here just to lecture me?”

Xiao-B looked up at her and said, “You go out every day but you never take me out with you.

So Xiao-B wasn’t trying to lecture her, she tried to embarrass the owner simply because she was a little angry that she never took her out to play. The girl held her tighter and promised Xiao-B to take her out.

Now that Xiao-B was pleased, she said, “I also want to get dressed up.

“Seriously?” said the boyfriend, “I’ll have to wait longer because she’ll have to dress both herself and the dog up!”

We laughed so hard. . . !

May 22, 2013


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