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pets talk: I Ran Away

on January 15, 2014

I remember when I was little there was a movie about the adventure of runaway animals. I’m not sure about the whole story but I remember the animals were running away because they were about to be sent to a butchery. In real life, when it comes to ‘runaway kids’ we usually think of human, and when we saw stray animals we tend to think they’re lost or abandoned. But sure there are ‘runaway pets’ as well in real life. Dan-Dan the Schnauzer and Yorkshire Terrier mix dog is an example.

The owner of Dan-Dan said she adopted him from an animal shelter. Right after Dan-Dan started to talk, he said to her, “Thank you for adopting me. I’m very happy now.”

The girl smiled and said ‘you’re welcome.’ It was all she wanted to hear that Dan-Dan was happy living with her.

Dan-Dan said, “My former owner beat me a lot, so I ran away.”

Not only Dan-Dan’s owner, but we’re all surprised to hear that. He chose to leave home by himself. That former owner must be really violent.

He went on, “I don’t like fat men. I’m scared of them.” Because that was what his former owner looked like. Dan-Dan was beaten too often; he couldn’t help but connect fat men with violence.

“No wonder!” said Dan-Dan’s owner, “I have a fat boy friend. Every time he visits my place Dan-Dan can’t stop barking at him. He never does that to my other friends. Only the fat guy. We said that guy had eaten dogs jokingly, but of course he hadn’t done such thing. Now I know why.”

Dan-Dan stopped talking about his former owner. He said, “My foot aches.” The girl clapped her hands and said, “I’m just about to ask! I’ve noticed that he doesn’t like me to touch his right back foot.”

Dan-Dan told her, “I bumped into some thing when playing outside.” It might not sound that serious but Dan-Dan’s foot had been aching for a while. We suggested that the girl take Dan-Dan to the vet right after he finished talking.

Maybe Dan-Dan wanted to visit the vet earlier, or maybe there was no more he could say, he ended the conversation right away, “Thank you. I’ll behave myself. Thank you for raising me!”

Apr 17, 2013


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