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pets talk: I Hate Kids

on January 8, 2014

I hope it’s not too late to say Happy New Year. For people in Taiwan it’s not too late because we’ll have a Lunar New Year at the end of this month and that’ll be the beginning of the Year of Horse.:)

Today I want to share a short story of Yabe the Maltese because a large amount of pets would agree with him, and I think it’s necessary to remind their owners to pay more attention.

Yabe looked very nervous when he was brought to Miss Dolito. He looked around, shaking and barking, and his owners kept comforting him for about 5 minutes till he calmed down and started to talk.

“We don’t have kids at home.” said Yabe. His owners nodded; they hadn’t have children yet. The only ‘kid’ was Yabe.

Yabe said, “I hate kids!”

While we were wondering why Yabe disliked children when there was none in his family, the owners explained to us that the children from the neighborhood loved to play with him.

Some of the them were still very little. And so far as we knew, children at that age sometimes played with animals violently. It seemed that Yabe also had encountered this kind of kids.

He said, “They like to grab my tail. It hurts! They also like to grab my hands. I thought they were gonna put my hands out of joint!” The owners might not have noticed that when a bunch of kids surrounded Yabe and played with him, so Yabe had to tell them now that he was the chance to talk. “Don’t let them tease me!” Yabe asked his owners seriously.

The owners didn’t know how violent those kids were apparently. But from now on they would protect Yabe well, and they would teach the children the right way to play with cute doggies.

Given the promise from his owners, Yabe finally seemed to relax a bit. He said, “Mom is kinda mean. I’m scared of her sometimes.”

Yabe’s ‘Mom’ laughed so hard and kept asking, “Am I?” We saw her husband nodded jokingly.

“Mom is the one that takes charge.” The girl was still asking the same question and her husband was still nodding. Now we’re also laughing.

Finally Yabe said, “I’m happy. I love my Mom and Dad.” Well, it didn’t seem to matter who was in charge as long as they love each other as a family, right?

Apr 06, 2013


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