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pets talk: Almost Got Killed

on December 18, 2013

The weather in Taiwan is really changing. Not just changing ‘from autumn to winter’, but changing through years. We sometimes feel really hot today and the next day, it becomes really cold. It wasn’t usual for a small island surrounded by seas, but it’s just the way it is now. And that’s why almost every one around me gets sick… I’m the lucky one to stay healthy for now. Hope the luck will go on!

Today I want to share the story of a Beagle named GIGI. She got a shiny smiling face that made all of us assume she was going to say something really sweet. Let’s see what happened!

GIGI’s owner is a man in his thirties. He sat beside GIGI, waiting for her to start talking. We could see how he was excited to find out what GIGI wanted to say. Then GIGI said her first words.

“You went on blind dates so many times but none of it worked out!” 

The owner burst out laughing.

GIGI went on, “I don’t know why you’re being picky. You’re not a young man anymore! It’s not like you can pick the fruits as long as you want in the supermarket!” She was staring at him. “You’ll be forever alone if you go on being picky.”

The owner kept shaking head with a smile. He couldn’t just marry a woman he didn’t want to spend a lifetime with, could he? If he just married random woman then he’d end up forever alone as well.

GIGI heard the owner’s response. She sighed and said, “No wonder you’re still single.”

After a short while, GIGI finally let go of the former topic. But she was still talking about her owner. “You’re a clean freak. No, you’re a SUPER clean freak! I almost got killed after I peed indoors.” Now the owner’s laugh became even louder.

Of course GIGI knew her owner wouldn’t kill her. She said to us, “My daddy loves me.” She held her head up, looking proud. Then she said to her owner, “Daddy, I love you too.”

The owner hug her happily. Finally GIGI said something really sweet. So I wouldn’t say that our expectation was wrong. And we could all see that the owner really loved GIGI a lot.

Apr 07, 2013


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