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Dolito’s pets talk: Grown up

on December 2, 2013

It’s Chocolate again! I hope you haven’t forgotten about him. 🙂

(Below is the translation of Miss Dolito’s blog. I stands for Miss Dolito.)

One of our assistants seems to like Chocolate a lot. She plays with him whenevery she’s in the company. Yesterday, she held Chocolate in her arms and said jokingly, “Chocolate, I’m taking you home with me.”

Chocolate heard her. He turned around and said to me, “Grandma, I’ll back soon.”

The assistant said, “Chocolate! I mean it! I’m taking you to my house!”

Then Chocolate said to me, “Grandma, she’ll take me back here soon. Plus she’ll be very tired.” He knew it wasn’t easy for a girl to hold him for a long time.

That was not the first time the assistant joked about taking him away. Chocolate used to buy it and panicked, but now he seemed to realize she was just kidding. It seemed Chocolate had grown up!

Nov 27, 2013


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