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pets talk: I’m Okay with It

on October 18, 2013

Yoyo the Husky is one of the member in the big family of our memorial pagoda in Taichung. The pagoda is located in a mountain, nearly the top of it. The air there is much cleaner than the city air, so for most pet owners who work and live in the city, coming to visit their late pet is also relaxing.

Yoyo was happy to see his parents here. They came here every month to bring him some food and water, to tell him how they had been and to see if Yoyo had anything to say to them. Yoyo did. He said, “Thank you for visiting me regularly. I’m all good here. Thank you.”

After the greetings, Yoyo said, “You haven’t had another dog since then.”

The owners nodded. They knew Yoyo was still out there watching over them, and they’re worried that having another dog might make Yoyo feel he was forgotten. The owners said it surprised them that Yoyo brought this up.

Yoyo told them, “You can have another dog! Go ahead! I’m okay with it.”

He was very understanding and hoped the owners could raise another dog  because he knew that his owners thought about it and that would be good for all of them. Admirable, wasn’t he?

May 05, 2013


3 responses to “pets talk: I’m Okay with It

  1. People in Taiwan must really like their pets. When I was in Jiufen they were everywhere, and so well cared for!

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