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Dolito’s pets talk: Hide and Seek

on September 24, 2013


One night, Renee found Teddy staying behind the curtain for a little while; he didn’t seem to think about getting elsewhere. While Renee took this picture, she asked out of curiosity, “Teddy, why are you standing behind the curtain?”

Miss Dolito just passed by and saw them. She said, “Teddy wants to play hide and seek with you! He keeps saying ‘Guess where I am? Come find me!’ ”

Since Renee couldn’t hear what Teddy was saying, she didn’t know that Teddy was actually playing with her. Bow Teddy looked a bit disappointed.

Most of us don’t understand what our pets really mean when they do something. This sometimes makes pets think their owners are stupid. However, they still love their owners, just as we love them even when we don’t really know what they’re thinking.

Aug 27, 2013

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One response to “Dolito’s pets talk: Hide and Seek

  1. […] Teddy found out recently that Renee’s boyfriend became a different person when he was using computer. The boy was usually quiet, but got very excited and shouted a lot in front of his screen. So, Teddy decided to take a look, too see what exactly changed his daddy. When the boy started the computer and sat down, Teddy immediately jumped up to the desk. […]

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