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pets talk: Mouthy & Nosy

on September 11, 2013

I remember being nervous when I started to write this blog in English because there are a lot of words that can’t be perfectly matched in two different languages. I still have to google a lot when I’m posting here, but it’s also interesting. Anyway, what I want to say is that if you have difficulty understanding what I mean, please leave a comment to ask me, I’ll try to explain it! And if you understand but think I choose the wrong words/phrases you can also leave a comment to tell me that. I’ll be appreciative! 😀

Today’s story is about a smooth-haired Dachshund named Lyly. Her family prefer not to have their photos posted online. Lyly is 13 years old now, still full of energy and looks healthy. Her mom saw Miss Dolito holding Lyly in her arms, she said nervously, “Lyly bites! Be careful!” But then Miss Dolito smiled because Lyly told her, “I bite only when people grab me suddenly. If you come close slowly and hold me gently, I won’t bite.”

Lyly hated others to grab her legs. She’d bite when she didn’t feel comfortable.

Lyly then said, “I like Mom. She often gives me snacks.” Lyly’s ‘dad’ rolled his eyes and said she’s bribed! On hearing his words, Lyly added, “Dad is mouthy.”

We all laughed. Lyly’s mom said her husband was actually a nice person. But Lyly couldn’t seem to let her dad go, she continued, “Dad yells at Grandma sometimes. I hate it when he does that.”

Lyly’s ‘grandma’ laughed. She said she would give Lyly some snacks as well since she spoke for her.

Lyly said, “I love Mom.”

Now there was one person here that’s not so happy. Lyly’s dad was the original owner, but somehow he wasn’t Lyly’s favorite. Moreover, Lyly didn’t say ‘I love you’ to him at all! He pinched her cheek.

Lyly looked at her dad, saying, “Dad’s nosy. He also sticks his nose in Mom’s business.”

Lyly liked people to be gentle, just like her mom, but her dad was just the opposite. He was loud, mouthy and a bit nosy which she really hoped he could change.

But still, she loved her family for taking such good care of her so that she could be healthy and happy at this age!

Apr 17, 2013

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