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pets talk: I Can Tell

on September 4, 2013

Two Maltese dogs, Maggy and Piggy, were brought to visit Miss Dolito. Maggy was 13 and Piggy was already 15, but they seemed energetic enough. Good for them.

The owner was curious what they would want to say. When Miss Dolito sat in front of them, Maggy started to warn her, “I bite, don’t get any closer.” Maggy was probably trying to protect her owner, but the owner laughed because she had got barely any teeth left.

Maggie said to the owner, “I’m old. I think I have some heart problems. Sometimes it’s hard to breathe.” Almost every old pets had the same problem. Owners who had old pets would understand. “But my appetite is quite good.” said Maggie.

The owner nodded with a smile. She had no problem eating and that was really good to hear.

Maggie looked at Piggy, who stayed quiet during their consultation, and said, “He doesn’t like me. I can tell that.” She thought that Piggy had built a wall between them.

Maggie continued, “It’s obvious. He’s mean and cocky. He totally ignores me like I’m air or something. But it doesn’t matter anyway.” Maggie complained about Piggy’s indifference, but saved herself from embarrassment right away. Wasn’t she cute?

Mar 09, 2013

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