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Dolito’s pets talk: Stray Dog

on August 23, 2013

Recently our temple in Kaoshiung has a guest, a stray Formosan dog. Miss Dolito would give him food and water when she saw him, and she calls him Xiao-Huang.

But the other day she found Xiao-Huang had many wounds. Poor dog! She asked him, “Where did you get all these?”


He answered, “I got bitten by those stray dogs across the road.”

Stray dogs didn’t have homes, so they defended their territories more than pets did. Xiao-Huang might get bitten because he was entering others’ territory.

Miss Dolito then asked him, “Where’s your territory?”

Xiao-Huang said, “I’m not a stray dog now. I’m your dog.”

Looking at stray animals is really heartbreaking. What they want the most is not a territory but a home, a place where people would be nice and take care of them.


Aug 22, 2013

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