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pets talk: Night Market

on August 22, 2013

Amigo the Maltese was about four years old when he was brought to Miss Dolito. As soon as Amigo saw Miss Dolito, he started to complain, “I’m pissed! She had my fur trimmed like this! I don’t like it at all!” Even though we all thought Amigo looked very good, he really hated this Schnauzer style. He’s a Maltese, after all.

Amigo struggled a little in the arms of his owner’s. The lady loosed her arms and Amigo ran to her sister. It seemed that he preferred to stay in the other lady’s arms.

He said, “Aunt loves me. She likes me very much. I love her, too, so I like to let her hold me.” They held each other happily, which made Amigo’s owner a little bit jealous. The owner asked Amigo, “But I love you too! Why did you only mention her?”

Amigo said, “She doesn’t scold me. She doesn’t hit me, either. Unlike you. That’s why I feel happy when we visit her.”

The owner sighed. It looked like she had to find other ways to teach Amigo to behave.

She asked Amigo, “Anything that you want me to do?” He answered, “Just don’t hit me again.” Amigo turned to Miss Dolito and said, “I often get hit at home.”

The owner asked him, “Who did that?” She didn’t think she did it often. But Amigo said, “All of you, except for Aunt.” No wonder Amigo only loved his aunt.

There are a lot of ways to teach pets, to communicate with them, or to punish them when they do wrong; it doesn’t have to be yelling or beating. I hope the owner had talked to her family about this afterwards.

Amigo stayed in his aunt’s arms and said to his owner, “There’s a night market near our house. I love to go there! It’s been a while since I went there last time, I miss the night market.”

It was really a surprise because it’s usually crowded and noisy at night markets; however, Amigo loved it. And he was asking his owner to take him there again! Now he was giving her the chance to do something to make him happy!

Nov 05, 2009

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