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Miss Li’s Cases: There Are Ups And Downs in Life

on August 8, 2013

In Taiwan, instead of simply praying to God, many people turn to psychics to beg for help from God, and make wishes like what most people do in front of Brahma. They ask for substantial help besides mental peace.

A friend of Miss Li’s told her assistant how bad her situation had been before Miss Li went to Hong Kong earlier this month. Thinking of her friend’s situation made her a bit stressed and sad.

At this moment, Wong Tai Sin appeared with smile as usual and said, “Stop thinking about it. Now, tell me. Who can have absolutely no ‘downs’ in life? There can’t always be sunny days. There must be rainy days, even typhoons/hurricanes, or earthquakes. People have ups and downs all the time. Can you say that those who died from accidents have no faith? That they never turned to God or they never did good things? Who can have no downs in life, no sad things, no bad luck. Who can be healthy and rich and lucky and loved in his whole life? Can you even think of one example?”

Wong Tai Sin went on, “Terry Gou, the richest man in Taiwan, had done a lot of good things. Still he went through a lot. Workers in his factory committed suicide, his share price dropped. . . Do you think he wouldn’t go through these because he had done so many good things?”

“What is Life? Life is all about ordeals and experiences. Life is going through both ups and downs. When you face your downs, just face it and be strong. Solve the problems. That’s how you grow up, and lead yourself to a better life. . . ”

Wong Tai Sin’s words cheered Miss Li up.


Why do people get depressed easily and always blame God for not helping them when they’re in trouble? Did they try to prevent it first? Did they try to solve it before complaining? That’s because they’re not living a life, but a dream. They think there won’t be downs if they pray to God and donate to help the poor. . . they’re dreaming. So if someone complained that God didn’t answer his prayer next time, tell him to wake up. This is Life.

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