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pets talk: Daddy Is A Girl

on August 7, 2013

I’m not sure whether I had talked about how pets feel about gay owners here before. But I think it’s worth bringing it up (again) that pets do not have any prejudice against homosexual or other sex orientations. The only thing they’d care is that whether their owners can be happy.

Gigi is a lovely Poodle girl. Her owner doesn’t want her photo to be published online, mainly because what Gigi said should remain a secret to her family.

When they arrived at our ‘counseling room’ Gigi lay on the desk; she didn’t look very excited.

The first (and only) thing Gigi said was: “I’m worried about Mommy’s relationship with Daddy. Daddy is a girl. I’m worried that Grandpa and Grandma would find out.”

Gigi knew her Grandparents might not accept it, and she was really afraid that one day, her parents would be forced to break up by their parents. She couldn’t imagine how sad her mommy would be by then.

She sighed and said to her mommy, “Mommy, be careful! I’m really worried.”

No wonder she was in a bad mood. She was worried so much about her parents.

I hope what Gigi was afraid of will not become reality and I also hope, that if one day the parents do find their daughter is a lesbian, they can talk and communicate till the parents can finally abandon their prejudice and accept what their child really is.

May 15, 2013

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