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pets talk: I’ll Get Used To It

on August 1, 2013

It has been a rough year for Taiwanese people and animals. We’re now facing the spreading Rabies. And the biggest problem is that a lot of people panic and start to abandon their pets (especially dogs) and kill wild animals. We’re still trying hard to calm them down, and tell them not to overreact. Every one that’s working for or dedicated to helping animals is worn out. May God bless them.

Today’s story is about a sweet pet. It’s really good to see the smile during times like this.

Yuan-Yuan the Maltese sat quietly in his owner’s arms and kept smiling at us.

Yuan-Yuan said to the owner, “I have other owners. You’re the one that’s taking care of me now.”

The lady nodded. She didn’t tell us what happened to Yuan-Yuan’s other owner. We didn’t ask, either.

“You’re very nice to me. Thank you.” said Yuan-Yuan, “You’ve been busier now, unlike before.”

The lady said her work did get heavier recently and she had less time to spend with him. She asked if Yuan-Yuan felt lonely.

Yuan-Yuan told her, “I’m not used to it, but I will eventually. Don’t worry about me. I’ll get used to it!”

Yuan-Yuan knew how much his owner loved him, so he was considerate of her and always supported her. That’s really touching and heart-worming, isn’t it?

Jun 09, 2013

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