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Dolito’s pets talk: Secret Base

on July 10, 2013

(Below is the translation of Miss Dolito’s blog. I stands for Miss Dolito.)

The sofa in our pet hotel has a big hole on it again thanks to Yuan-Yuan and Bow-Bow. (It’s Bow-Bow on the photo, he really enjoyed the hole they dug.)



They dug  a  hole on the old sofa so we bought a new one just to be dug again.

I came downstairs this morning and saw Yuan-Yuan sleeping with the lower half of his body in that hole they dug.

Yuan-Yuan noticed me and said, “Mommy! Look, this is my new ‘secret base’!”

I didn’t really know how to reply.

But I sure decided not to buy new sofas for now. Because they’ll still dig their ‘secret base’ on the new ones. I think I’ll keep this sofa so that they can save some strength because there’s no need to dig a new hole, and I can save some money!

Jul 8, 2013

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7 responses to “Dolito’s pets talk: Secret Base

  1. alfiethepap says:

    We don’t buy new sofas either! The cats scratch them but not to that extent. Alfie likes to push the cushions off and throw them around instead,

    • dolitotaiwan says:

      Wow I can already picture that in my head. I bet Alfie is very energetic!XD
      Besides Yuan-Yuan and Bow-Bow, Kuli the Poodle also likes to dig that hole, so the big hole is actually the work of three dogs. And I often see Kuli with a lot of sponge stuck on his curly hair. That is just naughty yet so cute!

  2. kdkh says:

    I sure would like to see a picture! Your post did not show the pics.

    • dolitotaiwan says:

      You don’t see the pic? I’ve tried and uploaded it again, please take a look now. Thanks for telling me this! 🙂

      • kdkh says:

        Oh my. I see the picture now! The fact that he is still welcome in the house is a testament to Dolito’s kindness. He must really be great in other wys, because that is REALLY naughty.

      • dolitotaiwan says:

        Hahahaha true.
        The first time we saw them destroying the sofa we also wanted to punish and scold them, but they looked just too cute and funny doing that. . . and the point is they will do the same thing no matter how many times we bought new sofa, so, well.

      • kdkh says:

        Yes, they do seem industrious and determined.

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