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pets talk: Will You Go Broke?

on June 5, 2013

Chiou-Chiou the Persian Cat had been sick for a while. His owner brought him to Miss Dolito to see if there was something else that Chiou-Chiou wanted her to do for him.

Chiou-Chiou told his owner, “I’m getting weaker and weaker, and I’m losing appetite as well. I think I’m dying. This makes me sad.”

He stayed in the owner’s arms and told us how he felt. It was really upsetting, for him and for all of us. He went on, “I’m worried about you too. I think you’re scammed by the vets.”

The owner had spent a lot of money on Chiou-Chiou since he got sick. Chiou-Chiou was worried that she’d spend more than she could afford.

He said, “I kept vomiting. It’s uncomfortable, I vomited again and again…” He was really not in a good condition, but that was his largest concern. He asked the owner, “I have caused you much trouble and made you spend a lot of money. Will you go broke?”

The owner laughed and said, “I won’t. Don’t worry. I won’t be broke.” She just wanted Chiou-Chiou to get well.

“It’s a relief.” said Chiou-Chiou, “I’ll try my best to hold on. You have to be strong too. If I’m gone, I hope there won’t be too much grief.”

The owner nodded and promised Chiou-Chiou that she would stand strong and always be there for him. We also wish all the best for Chiou-Chiou!

Apr 13, 2013

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5 responses to “pets talk: Will You Go Broke?

  1. kdkh says:

    My pets have expressed a similar concern in the past. They were ready to die, did not want heroic efforts, and didn’t want me to spend money on them, when they were going to die anyway. It amazed me that they would concern themselves with such things.

    • dolitotaiwan says:

      True. Because to most pets, we (the owners) are far more important than themselves. And that’s also why we love them so much!
      I feel sad to hear about your experience; it must be a tough time for you, but you really have a good connection with your pets. You understand what they try to tell you, and I’m sure you’re a very good owner. 🙂

  2. […] have a good news to share before today’s story begins. Chiou-Chiou the Persian Cat in this post is said to have gained energy. His owner left comment on our blog (the one written in Mandarin […]

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