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Dolito’s pets talk: I’ll Kill Everyone

on May 28, 2013

(Below is the translation of Miss Dolito’s blog. I stands for Miss Dolito.)

My daughter Renee really pissed Teddy off this time. She had Teddy groomed because it had been very hot, and that drove him mad.

Teddy kept looking into the mirror when he got home, searching for his ‘missing fur.’

She took Teddy out for a walk as usual the other day. But Teddy was lacking in confidence without his fur; he was angry and embarrassed that his mom still took him out and let people see him.

So Teddy lay on the floor today and said, “Today I’ll kill everyone that comes into my sight!”

Wow. He was so mad that he’s ready to ‘kill.’ Now I started to worry.

May 28, 2013

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2 responses to “Dolito’s pets talk: I’ll Kill Everyone

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