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pets talk: It’s Up To You

on May 13, 2013


Many people wanted to know where one would be after one died, so did the owner of Kobe the Beagle. She brought some of Kobe’s cute pictures to visit Miss Dolito wanting to know if Kobe was still with her, and if so, how was he.

Luckily, Kobe was still there with her. He started to talk, “I had never mated. It’s such a shame.” The owner immediately smiled through her tears. She didn’t expect that this would be the most bothering thing that came to Kobe’s mind.


Kobe said, “It bothered me a lot. I think I’m handsome and also cute, it’s such a pity that I don’t have any child.” The owner felt sorry and the tears came again, but Kobe wasn’t meant to blame her, and she knew that. “If I had children they could’ve taken my place and stayed with you. That’s what I’m sorry for. I didn’t leave anyone to accompany you.”

Sweet Kobe. What bothered him was actually that the owner was alone now.


Kobe said, “Your children are all in other countries. I wish they could come back to accompany you.” But after a short while he said, “But if they’re back, they may do things that upset you. . . it’s hard to decide whether we should ask them to come back.”

He seemed to have thought about it for a while but couldn’t make any decision. Finally, Kobe said to the owner, “It’s up to you.”


Kobe said to her, “Take care of yourself. Now that you’re living all by yourself, take care.” The owner nodded while wiping away her tears.

Kobe said, “If there’s another chance, you can bring my pictures here again. I’m happy talking to you.” then added, “Why didn’t you bring me here while I was alive? I would’ve asked for some really good food.”

At the end of his talk, Kobe tried to make his owner smile. He’s really cute and sweet!

Apr 13, 2013

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