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pets talk: I Didn’t Mean It

on May 3, 2013


Fei-Mow the Mixed cat stayed in his owner’s arms quietly, observing our consulting room. The owners explained to us why they brought him here. They said he seemed to be in a bad mood for a long time, and peed in random places sometimes. They wondered if there was any problem in the environment of their house, or the food they gave him, or even their way of communication with him.

Fei-Mow told his owner, “I was sick once. It was severe. I’m scared. I’m too scared I’d be sick again. I didn’t mean it.”


Now they knew the reason of Fei-Mow’s unusual acts. He was too scared and too nervous all the time. The owners tried their best to cheer him up, telling him that being in a good mood could help stay away from sickness.

This encouragement had to go on for a while, we hoped Fei-Mow could calm down soon.


Fei-Mow then said, “I was also marking the places. . .”

Being too nervous made Fei-Mow more defensive than ever. It would take some time to comfort him, but it was totally worth it if Fei-Mow could be fine again!

Apr 13, 2013

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