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Dolito’s pets talk: Hearbreaker

on April 30, 2013

(Below is the translation of Miss Dolito’s blog. I stands for Miss Dolito.)

Today I found the dogs kept using a word ‘heartbreaker.’

 La-la ate Nio-Nio‘s food; they called him a heartbreaker.

Xiao-Guai bit Pon-Pon; they called him a heartbreaker.

Chocolate didn’t do what Xiao-Guai told him to do; they also called him a heartbreaker.

Whoever did something wrong became a heartbreaker.

I asked them, “Why’re you using the word ‘heartbreaker?’ Do you know its meaning?”

They said together, “Of course we know! We learn it from a TV show. It means ‘bad guy!'”

They watched the show and thought some character was a bad guy, and other character called him a ‘heartbreaker.’ That was how they learn new words. I wasn’t sure the two words were the same though.

Apr 16, 2013

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