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pets talk: You Killed My Dream

on April 26, 2013


Yuan-Chi the White Pomeranian (I personally think he looks more like a Japanese Spitz though, his owners say he’s a White Pomeranian) is a very handsome and confident boy.

He stayed in his mom’s arms and said, “I’m handsome! You say that every day.”

It was true. Every one around him praised his good look and he was so proud of himself. However, he said, “Except that. . .”

The owners were all ears. We were all curious about what he was gonna say next.

Yuan-Chi said, “Except that I don’t have children! I could have been a stud dog!”


The owners both broke into laughter.

They had Yuan-Chi desexed already. No wonder Yuan-Chi looked a bit disappointed. He said, “You killed my dream.”


Yuan-Chi quickly changed subject and said to his mom, “Don’t shout at me. It really makes me annoyed.” His mom petted him and replied, “You have to behave yourself first.”

Finally, Yuan-Chi said to the owners, “I want to thank you for everything. Thank you.” Though he had been complaining since he started to talk, he still loved his owners, and he knew they loved him too.

Mar 09, 2013

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