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pets talk: Wake You Up

on April 8, 2013


Many people think our pets are just ‘animals’ that can’t understand humans’ speech. Well, don’t forget that humans are animals, too. Just like humans, pets can be very smart as well. Just take a look at Kazuki the Chihuahua, doesn’t he look clever?

Kazuki’s mom held him in her arms and told Miss Dolito, “He starts barking at 4 or 5 a.m. every morning. I really want to know why.”

Kazuki looked at his mom and said, “It’s not true. I’m not barking. I’m not.”

What could we say, he actually didn’t bark when he was in our consulting room. His mom laughed, but felt speechless at the same time.


Kazuki then said, “I’m a good boy. I’m good-looking.” He paused, and then said, “I want to eat meat.”

His mom laughed again, telling us that she often made incoherent speech as well. It seemed that Kazuki was like her to some point.


But Kazuki’s mom hadn’t given up on her question. She asked again why Kazuki barked in early morning. If Kazuki didn’t give her an answer, we were afraid they were not gonna go home.

Kazuki finally said, “I was trying to wake you up. You’re too lazy.” And before she could react, Kazuki turned to Miss Dolito and said, “I kept trying, but she wouldn’t wake up.”

Now his mom was totally speechless. …Wasn’t 4 a.m. a little too early, anyway?

Mar 09, 2013

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