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pets talk: Several Times

on March 12, 2013


Mei-Mei the Old English Sheepdog was at least ten years old when she was taken to visit Miss Dolito. Her owner(mom) said she didn’t know the accurate age because Mei-Mei was a stray dog. It’s really sad that many people bought pets whenever there was a trend (like when animal films became popular), but threw them away later. Especially breeds like Old English Sheepdogs, their body figure was often used as excuses to abandon them.

Mei-Mei lay down on the floor quietly. It was a hot summer day, she breathed deeply for a while, and then she said, “I’m a good girl.”

The owner nodded. She couldn’t agree more.

Then Mei-Mei said, “I’ll be an even better girl recently.”

Mei-Mei’s owner smiled, but also a bit confused. She didn’t know why Mei-Mei said this. Hadn’t she been good enough?


Mei-Mei said to her mom, “Because you’ve been down lately.”

Mei-Mei was trying not to bother her mom when she was already annoyed. What a sweet and nice girl! The owner was so touched when she heard the explanation.


Mei-Mei then said, “You go to bed very late. I hope you can sleep earlier.” She was concerned about the owner’s health.

She got something about herself to say, too.

Mei-Mei said, “There has been a lot of changes. I’m not used to it.”

The owners told us she had been taking care of other people’s children, and not just one or two of them. Suddenly there were many kids running around in their house, no wonder Mei-Mei couldn’t get used to it.

Mei-Mei said, “I don’t like them.”

Children could be noisy, and what’s more, they could hurt pets. Younger children might try to get a ride on Mei-Mei’s back, and that’s not appropriate.


Mei-Mei took a short break and said, “I’m hungry.”

We asked them, “Haven’t you had lunch?” The owner laughed. She said they did, but while they were waiting for their turn they took a walk in the area. That’s why Mei-Mei got hungry again.


After some time of hesitation, the owner said, “I know Mei-Mei might not want to talk about her past. But I really want to know more about her history. I also want to know is there a chance that she was just lost, not abandoned?” Although she wouldn’t want to part with Mei-Mei if she was just lost.

Mei-Mei said, “I was thrown away several times.”

There were tears in the owner’s eyes already. But she asked, “What does she mean by ‘several times’?” Was she adopted by many people but then abandoned again?

Mei-Mei told Miss Dolito: The first time her former owner took her out and left her somewhere she didn’t know, she finally found the way back home. But then she was taken out again, abandoned again. She always found the way back, but was always abandoned after that. It continued till the former owner went somewhere else, somewhere Mei-Mei couldn’t find.

Looking back on those times, Mei-Mei said, “I was angry.” The owner cried. She petted Mei-Mei gently.

Mei-Mei looked at her and said, “But it’s really nice to have met you. Thank you!”

Mei-Mei had a sad past, but now she had a loving owner, a place called home, and a happy life. We were really happy for her.

Jun 04, 2011

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