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pets talk: Farmer

on March 8, 2013

Hei-Tzai is a mixed-breed dog. He’s a tiny little boy. The first thing he did when he was taken to our “counseling room” was to hide under the desk. It took his owner a while to pull him out. He barked a lot at us, especially when we tried to take photos of him. It seemed that he’s very defensive, but that was understandable since Hei-Tzai lived in the countryside and seldom came to the downtown. So we put aside the camera and waited for him to calm down.

Finally, he came to the conclusion that we were not bad people and started to talk. Hei-Tzai said, “I’m healthy. I go for a walk by myself everyday.”

He looked at Miss Dolito and said, “My teeth are fine. I don’t have any problem. I have a good appetite and I eat a lot.”

Miss Dolito looked at the owners and smiled. Obviously the owners didn’t tell Hei-Tzai that Miss Dolito was not a vet, and that they just brought him here to talk. They immediately explained to Hei-Tzai.

Now he knew that Miss Dolito wasn’t a vet, he said, “I like to go to the paddy. There are rats. I can catch them.”

Hei-Tzai’s mom nodded and said that he did catch rats.

Hei-Tzai said, “I’m a farmer, so I need to eat more. I always feel hungry.”

The owners said to us, “He actually eats a lot. But because he often goes out and runs around, he’s not heavy.”

Later, Hei-Tzai looked at his dad and said, “Dad has aching muscles.” The dad nodded. He was the real farmer and had been working in the paddy for years. Hei-Tzai said to him, “You should go to a hospital to get a check-up.”

Hei-Tzai’s dad nodded again. He also smiled for he knew that Hei-Tzai was this sweet.

Hei-Tzai has a good life in the countryside. They have fresh air there, and their lives aren’t complicated. He is really happy living there, and we are also happy for him and his family.

Feb 20, 2013

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