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pets talk: They Look Good

on March 4, 2013


It’s another impressing story from our charitable weekend trip with pets. This handsome mixed-breed dog is named Xiao-Pong. Two sisters took him to the weekend trip in order to know what was on his mind. He was at least 12 at that time, and he didn’t get distracted by the sound from outside their cabin; it didn’t take him long before he started to talk.

Xiao-Pong said, “I have many owners.” The sisters nodded. Xiao-Pong was raised by their whole family. Xiao-Pong said to them, “You took me here secretly. Your parents wouldn’t let you if they knew why you took me out because they don’t believe that pets can talk.”

The sisters looked at each other and nodded again. Xiao-Pong said, “I’m unhappy. It’s their lost not.”


Xiao-Pong sat on the wooden floor and said, “Mom stays at home most of the time. She can hardly make any money.” Their father was the main supporter. Now that the big sister got a job, she could share the burden more or less.

Xiao-Pong said, “You feed me well.” They asked Xiao-Pong what kind of food he liked the most, he answered, “I love human’s food.”


Xiao-Pong said, “I often go out by myself, and go home by myself as well.” The sisters confirmed. They said Xiao-Pong didn’t have a dog leash. He just went out for a while and went home like a human did. They even suspected that he might have a family out there.

Xiao-Pong said, “I had a girlfriend, and children, too. They look good!” The sisters smiled with excitement. Xiao-Pong went on, “When I go out I actually go to visit my children. Some of them are missing.” Maybe Xiao-Pong’s family was stray dogs. The sisters hoped to find them and bring them home with Xiao-Pong.


Xiao-Pong said to the big sister, “You’ve got a job now. Remember to give some money to your mother. It can at least make her feel better. She has taken care of you for so many years; she deserves it. Don’t forget that.” The sister nodded instantly, saying, “Of course. I’ll give her more than just money. There’s a lot of things I should do for her.”

Then Xiao-Pong said to one of them, “You don’t have boyfriend. Get one.” and to the other, “I don’t like your boyfriend. He’s a bad guy.” The sisters both laughed. Xiao-Pong was more like their father than their pet.


Xiao-Pong said to the big sister, “Thank you for bringing me here. You paid the money. Thank you!”

Then he told them, “Your parents have the problem of back pain. Be careful.” especially their father, according to Xiao-Pong. “He often carries heavy things. It causes harm to his back. If he doesn’t get a treatment it’ll be worse!”

Xiao-Pong was worried, “He may not believe that I said these, but still, you have to tell him to take care of his back!”


I was sitting behind Xiao-Pong, and tried to pet him but got a warning. The sisters told me that Xiao-Pong didn’t like others touch him form his back. It’s probably because he couldn’t see who was touching him. Xiao-Pong said, “I bite, but I do it only when it’s necessary.”

I nodded to show that I understood, and Xiao-Pong smiled. He was really a dog with principles.



The little sister asked Xiao-Pong if he had anything to say to her. Xiao-Pong said, “You’re fooling around every day. When will you start doing something that’s not wasting time? Why don’t you go find a job?”

She laughed awkwardly, and said that she wanted to civil servant; she was actually preparing for the civil service exam.

Xiao-Pong said, “You’re not going to pass. You’re not studying at all. I’m really worried about you!”

May 14, 2011

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