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Miss Li’s Cases: Owe No One

on February 27, 2013

Some of you might not agree with the concept in this post. Others might agree, I don’t know. So for those who don’t feel the same way, please just see it as a little story and there’s no need to argue.

Earlier this month, Miss Li (Dolito) went to Bangkok, Thailand with a bunch of people, as usual. After they prayed to Brahma(Erawan Shrine), they moved to their next stop, “TRIMURTI SHRINE.” Trimurti Shrine is the God of Love, and people come here to pray for true love.

Below is the translation of Miss Li’s blog. I stands for Miss Li.

An old friend of mine came to Thailand (from other country instead of Taiwan) again to thank Brahma for fulfilling her wishes. She then followed us to pray to Trimurti Shrine.

She’s in the middle of her thirties and she prayed for a boyfriend. Trimurti Shrine smiled at her and said, “This girl is lucky.”

The girl disagreed. She said, “Lucky how? I never had a boyfriend!”

Trimurti Shrine said to her, “Because you owe no one. No one comes to collect the debt. So you won’t have a boyfriend.”

[Note: This is a concept mostly seen in Eastern Culture. Because relationships often bring more pain/difficulties/pressure than pure joy, some say two become lovers when they owed each other in their ‘former lives’ and they have to pay in this life. This concept applies to not only lovers, but families-mostly parent and children, enemies, and other kinds of relationship.]

The girl was smart. She asked Trimurti Shrine, “Well, can Trimurti Shrine let me meet a boy who also doesn’t owe any one, so that we can be together without any bitterness, then?”

Trimurti Shrine shook head and said, “No debt, no relationship. Relationship always brings more bitterness than sweetness; that’s its definition. You don’t owe anything, you don’t have relationship, and you don’t have to go through any pain.”

That girl became totally speechless. I wondered if she still wanted to find a ‘creditor’ to make her little romantic dreams come true.

Feb 26, 2013

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2 responses to “Miss Li’s Cases: Owe No One

  1. kdkh says:

    I’ve not heard the concept of relationships meaning debt specifically, but I feel it’s consistent with many of my other beliefs! Thanks for showing relationships from a different perspective.

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