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pets talk: Like Owner, Like Pet

on February 22, 2013

Jan-Chan the mixed-breed dog was two years old when he was taken to see Miss Dolito. He was a Shih Tzu/Schnauzer mix. Once they came to sit in front of us, Jan-Chen lied down, his butt facing us.

He said to his owner, “I never had sex before. Can you find me a girlfriend?” He was very straightforward; we could tell how long he had been waiting.

His owner was still considering whether she should find him a Schnauzer or a Shih Tzu. Jan-Chen said, “As long as it’s a dog.”

All of us laughed.

The owner asked Jan-Chan, “Why do you always bark at other dogs? You don’t seem to want to have a friend, let alone girlfriend.”

Jan-Chan said, “I only want to be friends with mixed-breed dogs. People who raise popular breeds are arrogant, so are their dogs.”

We looked at Jan-Chan. He obviously had some unhappy experience that caused this prejudice. His owner explained to us, “There was one time, when I walked Jan-Chan in the park, we saw others walking their dogs too. Jan-Chan wanted to play with them, but the dog didn’t seem to like him much.”

Jan-Chan became angry thinking of this, he said, “That dog didn’t want to play with me, and that owner even told me to go away! “

This was why Jan-Chan hated those popular breeds. We felt bad about it. But there are still a lot of good people (and dogs) out there who wouldn’t mind your breed, Jan-Chan! Don’t give up the chance to make friends with others!

Jan-Chan said, “I was adopted.” Then he said, “Mom is a nice person. Be careful not to be taken advantage of.” Jan-Chan’s mom smiled and nodded.

He went on, “Dad loves making money. Dad is an employee now but he wants to have his own business.” Jan-Chan turned around to look at his dad, “I think it’s better for you to keep being an employee. If you work with business partners you’ll probably get tricked.”

Jan-Chan was a smart dog. He knew his parents well and he’s even more cautious than they were.

Aug 24, 2008

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