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pets talk: Give Up

on February 19, 2013


Iki the Maltese was taken to Miss Dolito. He was so busy smelling around that he totally ignored us. We waited for quite a long time before he finally started to talk.

Iki said, “I’ve never been married before. I want to get married.” His owners was surprised because they had never thought that Iki would care. Iki said to them, “You’re about to get married. So I want to get married, too.”


The owners laughed. It sounded like Iki wanted to get married mainly because he wanted to be like his owners.

Iki said to them, “You will have babies. So I want to have babies, too.”

We were all speechless. Iki’s owners’ faces turned; we weren’t sure if they were being shy or they just laughed too hard.


Iki said to his brother, (Iki called him ‘brother,’ and his girlfriend ‘sister.’ It’s probably because they called themselves this way when they talked to Iki.) “You’ve been attending exams. You’ve done it several times, and you failed every time.”

Iki’s brother laughed and nodded. Iki said, “Give up! Don’t waste your time. Forget about it.” While we were thinking maybe Iki should encourage his brother a little, the guy laughed even harder. He told us that he did give up, and that Iki really knew him well.


Iki said to him, “You’re thinking about working abroad.” The brother nodded and confirmed.

We guessed Iki was hoping his brother could stay with them, with him and his sister.

But Iki said, “Go now! Make more money so sister and I can have better lives!”

Well. . . no matter what Iki’s brother finally decided to do, we wished him good luck!

Jan 23, 2013

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