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pets talk: Not Settling

on February 18, 2013

Happy New Year, everybody! I don’t know how many of you knows that last week was Chinese New Year Holidays (it’s the Year of the Snake). We were taking a good break here. Today we have to start working, going to school, and of course writing blogs.

So far, I’ve shared many cases in which the changes in owners’ life affect the pets. Now I want to share one more. Since there can many kinds of changes, you may want to know what kind of changes, besides moving and changing jobs, can affect your pets.

Cola’s owner asked us not to publish their photos, so there won’t be pictures here. The owner took Cola here, wanting to know what Cola was thinking. Cola’s life was simple, but he seemed to worry a lot. What exactly was he worried about?

Cola said to his owner, “Life has changed. You keep changing girlfriends, and I have to adjust myself to those people whenever you do that. Ican never get used to it.”

This was the change in Cola’s life. His owner changed girlfriend frequently. It was hard for not only Cola, but lots of pets to get used to “the new mom.”

Cola was kind of angry; he said, “You’ve had too many girlfriends. I’m so tired of it. You’re not settling.”

The owner smiled awkwardly. He didn’t know this had troubled Cola for such a long time.

Cola sighed. He wasn’t unhappy only because he couldn’t get used to those girls. He said to the owner, “I’m worried that you’ll get hurt.”

This was actually the most troubling thing for Cola.

Cola said, “You always got hurt. None of your girlfriends was good.”

That really was a problem.

Now Cola’s owner knew that he had to choose very carefully before deciding to be with another person. He should be cautious and get himself a nice girlfriend, and get Cola a nice mom.

Jan 30, 2013

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