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pets talk: I Hate Them

on February 1, 2013


Fan-Tuan the Schnauzer had been in the waiting list (to meet Miss Dolito) for years. It was finally his turn to talk to his owners with Miss Dolito’s help. There had been one thing on his mind and he finally got the chance to tell his owners.

The thing that had been bothering him was his owner’s taking care of others’ children. He couldn’t bare it any longer.

Fan-Tuan said to his mom, “I don’t like you being their caretaker. Why don’t they go home?”

He felt confused why those little monsters didn’t go back to their own home. Children were never pets’ favorite company. It was mainly because most children didn’t know how to be gentle and could be violent when ‘playing’ with pets.


Fan-Tuan looked unhappy when he talked about those kids, “They’re so annoying. If they’re your children, I’ll try to accept them. But they’re not yours! “

We didn’t know what those children had done to Fan-Tuan but he really was angry.

He even added, more like emphasized, “I hate them.”


We suggested Fan-Tuan’s mom separate him from those children and explain to him why she had to take care of those children, trying to comfort him. We hoped Fan-Tuan could eventually accept it.

Jan 05, 2013

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