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pets talk: I Don’t Care About You

on January 23, 2013



Nio-Nio and Yo-Yo are two cute Chihuahuas. They had already been to Miss Dolito once before this conversation happened.

Yo-Yo started to talk shortly after their arrival, “I’ve been here before. I have talked to you.”

Nio-Nio followed, “I’ve been here before, too. I don’t like to talk.” Compared to Yo-Yo, Nio-Nio was shy and quiet.

Then Yo-Yo suddenly said to their mom, “You have abandoned us.”

It seemed that their mom left home or seldom went back, and it was the grandma who took care of them both. Nio-Nio and Yo-Yo was kinda unhappy with their mom.


The owner tried to explain why she had to leave them to her mother, but Yo-Yo said, “Stop. Don’t explain anything. We won’t buy it.”

Even if they were upset with their mom, they seemed to have got used to being with their grandma.

Yo-Yo said, “We like Grandma.”


The family asked Nio-Nio why she barked so much. Nio-Nio said angrily, “You all like Yo-Yo better. I bark because I’m upset.”

On hearing her words, the grandma immediately said, “I love you both, without bias or favor!”

Finally, Yo-Yo told Grandma, “You have headaches sometimes. Be careful. You’re too tired!” Their mom was happy to see them care about Grandma this much. She asked, “What about me?”

Yo-Yo said, “You? I don’t care about you!”

(She’d need more time to comfort them, I guess…)

Dec 01, 2012

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