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pets talk: He Dare Not Complain

on January 21, 2013


Liang-Liang the Chinchilla was seven years old. His eyes were wide open when he looked at us.

He pointed at the other cat, Machi, who refused to get out of the carrier, and said, “I don’t like Machi. I dislike him very much.”


We asked why. Machi was actually Liang-Liang’s son. Why didn’t Liang-Liang like him?

Liang-Liang said, “He hit my head and it really hurt. I only tolerate him because he’s my child. Otherwise I can be fierce too.” He said it with resentment.

“He’s unbelievable.” said Liang-Liang, “He hits me all the time but doesn’t allow me to hit him.”

He kept complaining about his own son.


He said to his dad when he was done complaining, “There are some changes in your job. I’m worried.”

Then he turned to his mom, “You’ve become short of money. You’d better go get a job.” The owner nodded and said “okay.”

Liang-Liang said, “I can see how tired Dad is. He just dare not complain.”

The couple looked at each other and smiled. It’d be better for them to support each other.

Jun 02, 2012

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