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Dolito’s pets talk: Chocolate

on January 18, 2013

Miss Dolito overheard the conversation of the dogs today.

Pon-Pon the West Highland White Terrier said, “It’s weird. I heard Mommy say that they can buy Chocolate overseas the other day.”

Tzai-Tzai the Maltese said, “Really? They also have Chocolate in foreign countries?”

Xiao-Guai the Schnauzer wondered, “Is that foreign Chocolate also a Poodle?”

La-la the LabradorRetriever said, “But I heard them say that oversea Chocolate tastes good.”

Every one turned to shout at him, “Can you think of something else other than eating?” Every one except Chocolate the Poodle.

He was nervous hearing La-la’s words, “What? They ate the oversea Chocolate? Will they eat me too?”

In Chinese there are a lot of different dialects. When referring to Chocolate, people in Taiwan say “巧克力(Chiao-Ke-Li)” while people in Hong Kong say “朱古力(Ju-Gu-Li if spoken in Mandarin).” Chocolate’s name is the latter, and the dogs have no idea that their family was talking about the former.

Jan 18, 2013

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