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pets talk: Hot Girl

on January 14, 2013


Frank the French Bulldog was a very cute boy who wore his best smile all the time and was very confident in himself. Frank’s mom came to visit Miss Dolito to ask her for some advice, and Frank couldn’t wait for his turn to talk.

Finally Frank’s mom and Miss Dolito finished their conversation. Once he knew that it was time for him to speak, Frank said excitedly,  “I want a girlfriend!”

While his mom and Miss Dolito were still laughing, he added, “I want a hot girl! I can have a lot of babies!”

Miss Dolito told the owner that Frank was afraid he would get a mate that was not his type so he had to tell her how exactly he wanted his girlfriend to look. That was so adorable.


Frank’s mom owned a shop, but she let Frank stay in the office in case her customers were allergic or afraid of dogs. Yet Frank got out all the time and he seemed to prefer staying in the shop. She wondered why.

Frank answered, “It’s a little too hot in the office.” Now she knew why Frank didn’t like to staying in there. Frank then said, “I’ll be a good boy!”

Miss Dolito told Frank’s mom that Frank liked to stay in the shop, and he wanted to. Frank’s mom smiled and nodded, and decided to respect Frank’s will and let him stay in the shop. She also told us, that Frank only played with beautiful girls in the shop. As for other customers, boys and girls who dressed like boys for example, he’d just pretend he didn’t see anyone.


Before leaving, Frank told his mom, “Thank you for raising me. I won’t cause you any trouble, believe me.”

Frank’s mom laughed so hard. She said that Frank once used her wooden chair to grind his teeth and ruined the sculpture on that chair. But if that was the biggest trouble Frank had ever caused, then he really could be called a good dog. At least he wouldn’t hurt anyone, right?


May 04, 2011

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