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pets talk: Just Like The Owner

on January 3, 2013


Does anyone remember this cutie? If not, it’s recommended to read this post before you click ‘Read the rest of this entry.’

Nio-Mei the Bull Terrier came visit us again! One could easily tell how happy she was.

She said with excitement, “Finally he’s dead. I have waited for so long.”

She was talking about her mom’s friend. Nio-Mei felt neglected because her mom spent most of her time taking care of that man with cancer, so she kept saying that she hoped that man could die soon when her mom let her stay at the pet hotel for a month.

Nio-Mei even said to her mom, “you had been waiting, too, hadn’t you?”

Her mom was totally speechless. So were we. No one ever expected this kind of words coming out of a cute dog’s mouth. (But pets are straightforward, as I always say.)

“Anyway, I’m so happy.” said Nio-Mei because her mom could finally stay at home with her.


And then, Nio-Mei told Miss Dolito another good news, “I’m in love.”

Now we were as exciting as she was. We were so curious about who the lucky guy would be. And Nio-Mei added, “He’s a Poodle.”

So here’s the fact: Nio-Mei fell in love with Kuli the Poodle during her days in our pet hotel! That was a big surprise!

Nio-Mei asked Miss Dolito, “Do I look pretty today, Miss Dolito?”

Miss Dolito smiled and said, “Of course you do.”

But Nio-Mei’s mom had other opinion. She told us that Nio-Mei sometimes ate poop. How could a dog who ate poop be pretty?

“Shut up! You’re so mean!” said Nio-Mei, then changed subject very quickly, “I’m a good girl.”

Nio-Mei’s mom shook her head and sighed. She said, “I’m not sure.”


Nio-Mei breathed heavily and said, “How can you be not sure that I’m a good girl?” Her mom shrugged.

Nio-Mei started, “Don’t you have to work? You’d better not go to work!” She was very good at changing subjects, and she liked to act like a devil’s advocate when talking to her mom.

But her mom kinda just got used to it. She said, “Then you’d better start worrying about your meals.”

“I’m the prettiest girl today.” said Nio-Mei, changing subject again and we were totally not surprised.

her mom told us that Nio-Mei shook her butt when she was walking, like she really thought she was hot.

Nio-Mei said immediately, “I was imitating you! I’m your dog; I’m just like the owner.”

Jan 02, 2013

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