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pets talk: Poor Me!

on December 26, 2012


Mico the Poodle was a handsome little guy. His owner(mother) wanted to know what he was thinking so bad that she donated to help stray animals and got a chance to visit Miss Dolito without having to wait for thirteen years.

Mico asked his mother, “I’ve got a girlfriend. I like her. Why don’t you take her here with me?” There was a new member in their family. But the owner said she was more curious about Mico.


Mico said, “Soon we’ll have babies.”

The owner laughed very hard. She told us that Mico’s girlfriend was already desexed and that they couldn’t have babies. Mico didn’t seem to know that, or maybe he just didn’t believe it.

Then Mico said to her, “You haven’t had a baby yet. You should have a baby.”

We looked at Mico. Was baby all he could think about?


Mico said, “Dad scares me. He scares me so much!”

Well, that was because Mico’s father always played the bad cop, while his mother played the good cop.

Mico said worriedly, “I’m about to become a stray dog. Poor me! I’m becoming a stray dog! My God. . . “ What on earth did the bad cop do that made Mico so terrified and worried?

The answer was: not letting him to sleep on the owners’ bed.

Hmm, Mico, you might be a little bit overreacting I think. (I myself don’t always let my dogs sleep on my bed because sometimes sleeping with them could result in bad sleeping quality.) And Mico, you WON’T become a stray dog even if you don’t get to sleep on your owners’ bed! So don’t worry!

Dec 12, 2012

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