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pets talk: Old Songs

on December 25, 2012


Merry Christmas friends! How do you enjoy your holidays do far? Too bad we didn’t have today off in Taiwan, but people here sure have a lot of  Christmas spirit!

Xiao-Lü the Red-Bellied Cooter was five. Her owner took her to the charitable weekend trip held by Tien Yuan Life Care Association earlier this year. She crawled on the bed like she was curious about this cabin till the owner held her still. The owner couldn’t wait to hear her speak.

Xiao-Lü and Miss Dolito looked at each other for a little while before Xiao-Lü finally started talking. She said, “The one that speaks different language. She isn’t here.”

Miss Dolito asked the owner if she had a family who spoke other language, most likely Taiwanese. (The owner spoke Mandarin.) Xiao-Lü’s owner claimed it was her mother Xiao-Lü was mentioning.


Xiao-Lü said, “She isn’t here. I actually hope she could come with us. I want to thank her in person.” For what? We were waiting for Xiao-Lü to continue. Then she did. She said, “She helped me get out from where I was stuck. I’m very grateful to her.”

The owner gave us further explanation. She said that Xiao-Lü often crawled around and there was once, she was stuck in the furniture. The owner’s mother found her and helped her to get out. So Xiao-Lü wanted to thank her for saving her life.


Speaking of the mother, Xiao-Lü said, “She recites Mantra everyday. I’m her audience, and now even I know how to recite Mantra. Sometimes I got headache doing so though.” It was so interesting that Xiao-Lü could recite Mantra. Then she added, “She does it very well.”

Xiao-Lü turned to her owner and said, “You don’t recite Mantra with her. You should do it.” The young lady laughed. She told us that she had thought about it, but got lazy every time. Xiao-Lü said, “Guan-yin is always by your mother’s side, protecting her. If you recite the Mantra Guan-yin will protect you, too. Don’t be lazy.”


Xiao-Lü said to her, “You got married.” The owner nodded and asked why she mentioned that. Xiao-Lü said, “I think it’s a little too early for you to get married. I miss you. But I still wish you could be happy. You have my bless.” We could feel the love Xiao-Lü had for her owner.

The owner then asked if Xiao-Lü had any condition. Xiao-Lü answered, “My head aches sometimes. I had been hit on the head once. That’s all. I feel good overall. Don’t worry.”

Later when we were having dinner, Xiao-Lü’s owners happened to sit on the same table with Miss Dolito. Xiao-Lü told us, “People in my family listen to the old songs.” The young lady smiled and said, “I do. My mom does, too.” Xiao-Lü said, “I listen to the old songs every day, so I can sing too.” Then she began to perform. It’s a shame that nobody but Miss Dolito could hear that. Miss Dolito hummed the song Xiao-Lü was singing, a classic Mandarin song. It really made our dinner time even more wonderful.

Feb 06, 2012

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