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pets talk: I Want To Talk To My Friends

on December 24, 2012


Though many people believe that cats and dogs can never get along, there are still a lot of families keeping cats and dogs at the same time. So lots of people are curious about how this works. How do cats and dogs get along? Well, I have to say, it depends. Because just like humans, every animal is different. They have different personalities; they come from different places; they go through different history.


This cat was Ti-Ti; he was already ten when his family paid a visit to Miss Dolito. He stayed on his mother’s thigh, not going anywhere because he was not young anymore. As soon as he started to talk, he asked the mother, “I have other friends. Why don’t you take them here with me?”

There were still other cats at home. The owners explained that they were curious about Ti-Ti and Xion-Xion the Bernese Mountain Dog the most. Ti-Ti was the oldest pet of theirs. Xion-Xion was young, but he was found stray on the street. Owners were always curious about former stray animals’ past.

But then Ti-Ti said, “I don’t have much time left, so I want to talk to my friends. Bring them next time.”

The mother was shocked to hear that and didn’t know how to react besides nodding.


But didn’t Ti-Ti have something to say to or about Xion-Xion? The parents said that they kinda just ignored each other, like strangers living in the same house. We looked at them. Ti-Ti had obviously nothing to say to Xion-Xion, and Xion-Xion didn’t care at all.

Ti-Ti said to his mother, ” Thank you for taking care of me.” We assumed the lady had Ti-Ti as her pet before she got married, so Ti-Ti was closer to her than to the father. He then said, “You’re quick-tempered. You have to change.”

She smiled, and patting Ti-Ti on his head.



It was Xion-Xion’s turn. He was lying next to his father and didn’t listen to us at all. It took his father some time to get his attention.

Xion-Xion looked at us (finally) and said, “The cats are invisible to me.” Yes, we all knew that.

Xion-Xion said, “I had an owner previously. I still remember his face.”

The father looked a bit confused, He said, “Xion-Xion was actually found by my friend. He stayed at his house for a while before I adopted him. And before that, he was a stray dog and we were not sure if he had had an owner. Well, I wonder which former owner he’s talking about?” The original one or his friend he meant.

As far as I was concerned, Xion-Xion, a Bernese Mountain Dog, definitely had an owner before he was found stray. Could be lost or abandoned.


No matter who he was mentioning, Xion-Xion’s father had to ask this question first. “You say you can recognize him. So if you do see him on the street, what will you do?” asked the father, being afraid that Xion-Xion wanted to go back with his original owner.

Xion-Xion said with a serious look, “I’ll bite him.”

After a pause, we all laughed. The father grinned and said, “Well, I don’t think he’s talking about my friend. . .” So now we knew why Xion-Xion was stray, but we all knew that he was going to be fine because he was strong, both physically and mentally.

Xion-Xion said to the parents, “You both got promoted. I’m happy for you.” then to his father, “Good luck.”

Miss Dolito said that Xion-Xion was done talking. We all looked at him and found that he had already turned his head away and totally ignored us. Yes. He was done talking. Wasn’t he characteristic?

Dec 03, 2011

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  1. RumpyDog! says:

    Merry Christmas my friend!

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