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pets talk: Can’t Get You Money

on December 20, 2012


Xiao-Ba the Shiba Inu had a good time meeting Miss Dolito.

He said, “I’m handsome. I’m hot.” He was very confident.

Then he said, “I’m happy and carefree.” His owners nodded and agreed that he was really happy. Like, every day.

Xiao-Ba said to his owners, “You both have jobs.” to one of them, “Your salary isn’t good enough.”

It looked like he knew everything, including his owners’ income.


Xiao-Ba said to the one with lower salary, “Don’t think about taking advantage of me.”

We were confused and looked at that owner, while the latter laughed and said, “I’d put money in front of his nose and told him to search and find some money outside. Or I’d tell him to learn some tricks and perform outside to earn some money.”

We laughed together.


Xiao-Ba said, “Don’t try to take advantage of me because you don’t earn enough money.” He was rolling his eyes. We could tell from the way he spoke.

“Are we clear? I’m just a dog. I can’t get you money.” said Xiao-Ba.

Well, calm down. The owner was just joking. Or Xiao-Ba wouldn’t be ‘happy and carefree’ as he said.

Dec 01, 2012

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