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pets talk: Vegetarian

on December 10, 2012

Da-Ba the Basset Hound was five when he was taken to Miss Dolito. He sat there like it was none of his business. When he finally started talking, Miss Dolito found that he spoke Taiwanese instead of Mandarin. His family nodded and said that they did speak Taiwanese at home, especially the parents.

Da-Ba said all of a sudden, “She’s a vegetarian.” Miss Dolito asked them who Da-Ba was referring to. They immediately pointed to their mother; she was the vegetarian Da-Ba was talking about. Da-Ba said, “She wants me to be a vegetarian too. But I don’t want to.”

Everybody laughed so hard. They said, “That’s not true! We didn’t ask you to be a vegetarian!” But Da-Ba said, “I am a vegetarian right now. You want me to lose weights and you don’t let me eat meat.”

The family explained that they did it because Da-Ba had not been in a good condition. Da-Ba said, “Because you don’t let me eat meat.”

Da-Ba then referred to his big sister, “She’s heavier now. She gained a lot of weights. She needs a diet. I don’t need a diet.” The sister stared at him and said, “Yes you do!”

Da-Ba was still talking about the big sister, “She had been away from home for years. I was worried that she was fooling around.” Actually he didn’t need to be worried at all; the sister was only living outside because her school was too far away.

Da-Ba continued to talk about her, “She hates it when others nag at her. She’d get annoyed when Mom does that.” (Well, I guess lots of young people feel the same. So here’s the tip to avoid your parents’ nagging at you: Behave yourself.)

Da-Ba lied on the floor and suddenly said, “I want to sleep! It’s my bedtime now.”

The family opened their eyes widely. “What? That’s all? You wanna sleep now? Well. . . okay then. . .”

What could they do anyway?

Aug 13, 2008

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