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pets talk: Your Mom Told Me

on December 7, 2012


Usually pets can’t talk, or at least can’t talk much, before they’re 1 year old. But nowadays owners and pets are getting closer than before, and more people talk to their pets. So now, some pets can talk very well even when they’re little.

Rei-Rei the Maltese, was only four month old when these pictures were taken. He started, “I have another owner.” The girl that held him carefully said, “That should be my mom.” Rei-Rei said, “The other owner is usually home. You’re seldom at home.” The girl lived at home with her mother and Rei-Rei. Her mother would take care of Rei-Rei when she went to school.


Rei-Rei said to her, “You are a student who doesn’t study.” The girl laughed. She did study. But she did it in her room without Rei-Rei’s witnessing. Then Rei-Rei said, “You sleep a lot. I never wake you up successfully.”

Rei-Rei’s owner nodded. She said Rei-Rei often went to her bed and licked her face or pushed her, trying to wake her up, but she was just too tired to get up. Rei-Rei was very confused, “Why do you sleep so much? I don’t understand. I don’t sleep that much.”

Well, you would understand if you had to work and study and do a lot of things and get old at the same time.



Rei-Rei said, “Your mom often gets angry because you spend too much money. She scolds you a lot.” The girl laughed louder this time.

There was more. Rei-Rei kept going, “You go out to meet your boyfriend. Your secret boyfriend.” The girl was surprised to hear that. She hadn’t introduced her boyfriend to her mom and Rei-Rei. How did Rei-Rei know that?



“Your mom told me.” said Rei-Rei, “Whenever you go out, your mom would say that she thinks you’re meeting your boyfriend.” Who could know more about a girl than the girl’s mother did? Of course her mother knew she was going out with her boyfriend!

Jan 21, 2011

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