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pets talk: I Take His Place

on December 4, 2012


We feel heavyhearted whenever getting calls from people asking for bringing their pet consultation forward because their pets are severely sick. We all know this time will come. But when it does, it’s just hard to accept.

Didi the Golden Retriever was brought to Miss Dolito by his mom and sisters. He hadn’t been in good condition. Didi said to them, “Dad isn’t around. So I take his place. I look after you.”

The owners nodded with smiles. They didn’t know how Didi thought about them, but now they did.

“I’m happy that I take his place.” said Didi, “I’ve been living with you for so long.”

The family was so touched. Didi was always there for them. He was their sweetheart.

Didi said, “I don’t know how long I can stay with you. I’ve been pretending that I’m fine, but I actually feel very unwell.”

The mother patted Didi gently. They were sad to know that Didi was pretending to be healthy and happy just in order not to worry them.

Didi then said, “I have to be strong!”

Because he took the responsibility of a father, Didi felt the need to be tough and to protect his family. Well, he did it.

He said, “I’m losing appetite now. I don’t know when I’ll be unable to eat. When that happens, it’ll be my time to leave.” The sisters’ eyes were filled with tears on hearing that.


Didi said to the sisters, “You were both not married yet. I thought I could make it to see you get married. But that’s not gonna happen.”

They cried and encouraged Didi to have a little hope at least. And Didi said to them, “Don’t cry. You look ugly when you cry.” They finally smiled.

Didi said to his mom, “You’re still working.” then to the sisters, “Mom works so hard, and you two are just like little princesses. You need to grow up. You have to help your mom with the households. Don’t just sit there and do nothing.”

The mother petted Didi and was happy about his support. The two sisters immediately nodded  and promised they would help sharing their mother’s burden.

He said to one of the sisters, “You got this boyfriend so early that I was worried about you being played at first. But then I find that he is a nice person, and that he’s been tolerant of your deeds. Now I’m not worried anymore.”

Everyone laughed. Didi managed to make them feel less sad. He’s really a great pet. A great family member.


Didi said, “Take care of yourself.” then added, “Just don’t let me feel painful. The pain has started.” The mother nodded. Now they knew how Didi felt, they knew what to do to help him ease the pain.

Didi said to his mom, “You can think about retiring now.” He was also concerned about mom’s health. He said to the sisters, “You have the responsibility to take care of Mom. You should take care of her till her last breath.”

They told Didi not to worry, and that they would definitely do that.

We hope all the pet owners can make the most of the time they spend with their pets together. When one of them has to leave, at least there will be no regrets.

Nov 28, 2012

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