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pets talk: They Look Like Idiots

on November 30, 2012


Yuan-Yuan the Schnauzer and two Shiba Inus (I don’t know their names because they just came here to listen to Yuan-Yuan) were taken to Miss Dolito.

Yuan-Yuan said, “I’m the eldest. Also the most well-behaved. I’m their leader.”

At he very beginning of his ‘speech’, Yuan-Yuan claimed that he was the eldest. Maybe it was to shut the other two up? Because big brother was talking! No one was allowed to interfere.

Yuan-Yuan then said, “I have another owner. He’s the one that’s taking care of me, but he isn’t here.”

Yuan-Yuan hoped that owner could some so that he could talk to him, but he also knew the reason why he couldn’t join them.



“He’s sick. I’m worried about him.” said Yuan-Yuan.

We all hoped Yuan-Yuan’s owner could get better. Health was one of the most important things in life after all.

In the end, Yuan-Yuan said something that he might think it would be a good ending.

He referred to the two Shiba Inus, and said, “They look like idiots.”


How innocent (and speechless) they looked!

Oct 17, 2012

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