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pets talk: Nobody Dislikes Me

on November 26, 2012


Nani the Shiba Inu was a very cute girl. She sat there quietly, eyes following my camera everywhere. She knew I was taking pictures of her and she was very comfortable with that.

The owner raised Nani somewhere outside. She was planning to bring her home and to introduce her to the family. Before that, she got the chance to take Nani to Miss Dolito, to see what Nani thought.

Nani said to her owner, “You often play with me. The owner nodded. But what Nani said next was kinda confusing. She said, “Sometimes I thought you’re serious.”

We looked at the owner, expecting for some explanation.

The owner thought for a while. It seemed that she finally thought of something. She smiled a bit awkwardly and said, “Sometimes my way of playing with her is pretending that I’m going to hit her or something. I scare her intentionally. But I’m just playing. I’ll never hit her or do anything to hurt her.”

But apparently Nani did get scared sometimes. Nani said, “So sometimes I get angry.” The owner hugged Nani and said she’d play some normal games if she didn’t like the original ones.


Nani then turned to her owner’s friend and said, “You don’t like dogs. Not very much.”

The girl was surprised but confused at the same time. She said, “Why’d you say that? I like dogs.” She stared at Nani, waiting for a reply.

Nani said to her, “You never fed me.”

They laughed. The friend thought Nani’s owner feeding her was enough. But Nani saw things in a different way. We were happy that Nani’s misunderstanding could be fixed that day.

Nani said to her, like a reminder, “Next time, don’t forget to feed me something!”


The owner talked about her plan to take Nani home. But she was also worried about her family’s reaction. She wasn’t sure if her family was going to accept Nani as their new family member.

Nani smiled and said, “They will accept me. I’m one hundred percent sure. Nobody dislikes me.”

Nani’s confidence also encouraged her owner.

Finally, the owner asked Nani, “Am I nice to those stray dogs?” It seemed she was raising other dogs besides Nani. Nani agreed, “Very. You have a big heart.” She smiled, and then asked, “Will you get jealous?” Nani said, “No.”

Because those stray dogs really needed her kindness. Nani knew that. She appreciates her owner’s love, and also hoped more stray animals could be helped.

Dec 05, 2010

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