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pets talk: Bones

on November 16, 2012


Many people have the concept which relates dogs to bones. People who haven’t fed a dog before, especially elder people, tend to believe that it’s a common fact that dogs eat bones. Is that right? Well, you may wanna take a look at this story.

Q-si was a good-looking (kinda handsome, don’t you think?) girl. She was strong but gentle. She was nervous when she first came to Miss Dolito’s pet hotel and couldn’t sit down, but still wore a cute smile on her face all the time.

Her sisters explained to us that usually she was healthy, but sometimes Q-si lost her appetite  and looked a bit sick. But the vet said she should be fine; there was no problem with her health. So they were very confused and concerned about Q-si.



We waited for Q-si to start talking. After a while, she finally calmed down and said to one of the sisters, “The guy who took care of me together with you. I wanna see him again.”

Q-si was a stray dog. The sister and her friend found her in their school, and took care of her together. When they were about to graduate, they decided to take Q-si home. Her friend wasn’t allowed to have a pet, so Q-si was taken to her present home.

Q-si said, “He often took me out to play.” It seemed that she really missed him. The sister looked a bit awkward and said that they actually had lost contact for years. But for the sake of Q-si, she would try to reach him.

Q-si said to her owners, “I was lucky to have you as family. I’m so happy!”


Since Q-si was in “talking mode” the family could start to ask questions. (You wouldn’t get any answer if the pets didn’t want to talk, of course.) They immediately asked about her health.

Q-si said, “I’m healthy.”

The family nodded with smiles, but asked, “Then why do you look sick sometimes?”

“I lose appetite sometimes. It’s because of my stomach.” answered Q-si. The family still looked confused. If there was something wrong with her stomach, how was she healthy?

Here’s the fact: Q-si’s stomachache wasn’t caused by illness.

Q-si explained, “Bones. I eat bones, and then I feel uncomfortable.”


The family was very surprised. But after a moment of looking back, they found that Q-si did become sick whenever she ate bones. It was just that they never connected the two things together.

So, about the question that had been bothering the sisters for so long, Q-si said, “It was because of the bones.”

(Just think about it. Dogs usually don’t chew their food with patience. Most of them don’t make sure that the thing they swallow won’t hurt their stomach. So why do people think they would be careful when eating a bone?)

Q-si’s mom frowned and asked, “If she feels uncomfortable every time she eats bones, then why does she still eat it? It’s like one of her favorite food!”

Well, wasn’t that obvious? Just like I knew eating too many donuts would make me fat but I still ate a lot.

“I can’t help.” said Q-si, looking innocent, “It’s a little knotty.”

Therefore, it was the mother and the sisters who should pay attention to what they fed Q-si, and avoid feeding her bones again!

Jul 20, 2011

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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