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pets talk: He’s Watching Over You

on November 15, 2012


When an owner takes more than one pet to Miss Dolito, chances are that only one of them will talk. That pet is the ‘boss’ among all the pets and others will just watch and listen to him/her.

Last year a family took their lovely cats to our charitable weekend trip. Three cats. But only one of them talked. Won-Lien was the oldest cat in their family; she refused to go out of her carrier so we all crouched on the floor to keep an eye contact with her.

Won-Lien said, “Some people died in our family. Few in a row.”

The mother nodded and told us that was few years ago. There was a time when their relatives died one by one, and then her husband, too. That was sad. And for the record, they met Won-Lien on the funeral.

Won-Lien said, “I saw him. The dead man is still in our house; I can still see him.” I thought the mother would feel surprised, but I was wrong. She smiled and said, “No wonder!”

“It has been years since my husband died. But I keep dreaming of him. In those dreams he still lives with us as if he never left.” said the mother.

Won-Lien said, “He’s watching over you. And he will always be there.” The mother’s eyes were filled with tears of joy.


Then Won-Lien said to the only boy in the room, “You’re the big brother.” They said the boy was the youngest child in the family. But to Won-Lien, he was the ‘big brother.’ Won-Lien went on, “You need to study hard. You don’t do it hard enough. And you have to be responsible.”

One of the sisters asked, “He’s young. Isn’t it too early to talk about this?”

Won-Lien said to the brother, “You’re the most irresponsible one in the family. You’re spoiled. You need to grow up.” Her words made perfect senses. I didn’t think it was too early at all. It would be too late if they tell him to be responsible after he graduated from school.

Won-Lien said, “You have to be able to protect your mother and sisters, or the dead man would be worried.” The boy nodded. He could also consider it the will of his father.

Then Won-Lien said to everyone except the mother, “All of you are students. You have to study hard. I think you’re all slack.” Everyone laughed. I wasn’t sure if Won-Lien was right. Won-Lien sounded like a gentle mother, “Stop slacking off in your studies.”


Won-Lien said to one of the girls, “You have a boyfriend.” They laughed again. That girl was actually the girlfriend of the young boy.

Won-Lien said to another girl, “You also have a secret boyfriend.” The family laughed even harder. That was totally not a secret. It was just that she never brought her boyfriend home so Won-Lien never had the chance to see him.

Won-Lien said to her sister, “You have my blessing.” But then she said, “But be careful. Don’t be fooled. It will be too late to regret anything if bad things happen.” She hadn’t met the guy, so she was worried about what kind of a person he would be. “You need to control your temper as well. You can’t expect others to treat you like a princess.” The sister smiled and nodded.

Finally, Won-Lien said to the children, “Do not talk back to your mother. Be obedient and respectful to her, okay? “

They all nodded immediately. I could see they’re a harmonious family. The mother was deeply touched by Won-Lien’s words, so were Miss Dolito and I.


There were other two cats, remember? Let’s see some photos of them:






I hope you enjoy this touching story! 🙂

Mar 12, 2011

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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