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pets talk: I’ve Warned You

on November 14, 2012

Wang-Fu the Shiba Inu had been to our charitable weekend trip once before this conversation took place. His sister took part in another charitable activity and saw Miss Dolito. The sister told Miss Dolito that Wang-Fu went missing a week ago and was found later. She was so curious about where Wang-Fu went.

Wang-Fu saw Miss Dolito and said immediately, “I know her. I’ve talked to Miss Dolito before.” The sister asked him where he was when everybody was looking for him. He said, kinda innocently, “I wanna go out to play, but I didn’t know how to go back.” He almost scared his sister to death. Thank God he was found.

“Dad and Mom are too slow. I have to wait for them every time we walk together. I’m not that patient.” said Wang-Fu. Then he changed subject, saying to his sister, “You and your husband are separate.”

Wang-Fu’s sister laughed. She said, “Because we work in different cities. We have to live in different places. But we’re good.” She thought there was nothing to be worried about, but Wang-Fu didn’t think so. Wang-Fu asked, “Will you get a divorce?” “What? No! Wang-Fu, we’ve only been married for six months!” shouted out the sister.

Wang-Fu was still worried. He said, “This is not good. You should live together.”

His sister smiled and asked him, “But what about my job?”

Wang-Fu didn’t answer her. He said, “Your husband is a public servant. He has a stable job. You have to watch out.” “For what?” asked the sister, really confused.

Wang-Fu explained, “A man who has a stable job and doesn’t live with his wife tends to make out with other women. This happens all the time in Korean soap operas.”

The sister couldn’t stop laughing. Maybe she shouldn’t watch TV shows that weren’t like Animal Planet when Wang-Fu was around. Yet this conversation wasn’t over for Wang-Fu. He said, “Your salary isn’t good enough anyway. Why don’t you just quit and stay with him?”

Well, Wang-Fu’s sister seemed to have much confidence in her husband. So she wasn’t going to quit her job only for fear that her husband might cheat on her.

“Anyway. I’ve warned you! Don’t say I didn’t tell you so if anything happens.” said Wang-Fu, who really started to scare his sister. But hopefully nothing would happen.

Nov 11, 2009

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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