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pets talk: I Have A Question

on November 7, 2012

Katsu (transliteration of 卡滋) the American Shorthair was four when he was taken to Miss Dolito. He was staying in the arms of his mom quietly, showing no signs of nervousness or uneasiness.

Katsu said, “We rarely have guests. So I’m a little shy.” His mom nodded, showing agreement.

Katsu asked his mom, “I have a question. Why did we have to move out?”

Katsu and his mom left the whole family and lived outside by themselves. Katsu said, “I guess it’s because of me. I’m sorry for that.”

Then we were told that the young lady’s family didn’t approve of her keeping Katsu. So she just moved out with Katsu. She held Katsu tightly and told him not to be sorry. It was not his fault.

Katsu said to Miss Dolito, “Mom is shy, too.” His mom agreed again. It was lucky that they had each other. Katsu’s mom asked him if he wanted a cat company.

Katsu replied, “I don’t need it.” He changed subject, “Your parents want you to have a boyfriend. You really should get one, but considering your shyness. . .” Katsu wasn’t worried about himself. He was worried about his mom being too shy to have a boyfriend.

Then he said, “I hope you can come back from work earlier.” His mom came home at about eight p.m. everyday. Katsu really wanted to be with her longer.

Katsu’s mom asked about his health. She asked, “The vet said you should drink more water. Do you drink more water now?” Katsu said, very frankly, “No.” We saw his mom rolling her eyes, speechlessly. Then Katsu told her, “I’m fine.” Hopefully that would be a comfort, more or less. But she would keep an eye on Katsu’s health condition anyway.

Oct 31, 2009

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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2 responses to “pets talk: I Have A Question

  1. Rayya says:

    Katsu and his mom have each other and that counts for something! 🙂

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