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Miss Li’s Cases: Head Buried In the Sand

on November 6, 2012

In many cases, our Eastern Gods and Goddesses would tell people to recite mantra. I’m not really sure if you can understand the term clearly. To put it simply, reciting mantra refers to the act of repeating the words of God, and it’s said to be a way of praying. Also, people do it to feel peaceful. So reciting mantra is a very common act in Taiwan, in both Buddhism and Taoism.

However, much to my surprise, reciting mantra doesn’t always lead people to a better life. How come? Let’s see the story.

Below is the translation of Miss Li’s blog. I stands for Miss Li.

A middle-aged woman attended our monthly trip to Thailand. We went to the temple of Ganesh after we finished praying to Brahma.

(Here’s a photo of Ganesh:)

She wanted to ask about work. She said, “I don’t know why I’ve been too lazy to work lately. I can’t just do nothing. I still have to support my family. But. . .”

Ganesh said, “This lady joined some association to be a volunteer. She goes there to recite mantra all the time. Now all she wants to do is staying there and reciting mantra. Of course she wouldn’t want to work.”

Ganesh continued, “Some people say that reciting mantra can help you forget things that you’re worrying. This could help her get away from the pressure of work temporarily. So this lady is actually burying her head in the sand by reciting mantra all the time. Tell her to stop going to the temple. If she feels like reciting mantra, she can do it at home in her leisure time. Then she’ll be fine doing her job again.”

I told her what Ganesh had said. The lady said, “It’s true. I feel so happy that I can pray and help people praying to God by reciting mantra in the temple. And work just becomes more and more painful. I’d rather recite mantra every day than go to work. I really was burying my head in the sand. Now I see the problem. I will adjust myself!”

It’s like a blind spot. Everyone has it sometimes. We’re lucky to have God to guide us!

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