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pets talk: Away From Home

on November 2, 2012

This is a story that is happening right now in Miss Dolito’s pet hotel.


Nio-Mei (transliteration of 牛妹) the Bull Terrier is now staying in our hotel. She considers here her second home, no, she used to. Now it’s possible that she considers here her real home.

Her mom is a friend of Miss Dolito’s. She took Nio-Mei to Miss Dolito one day to see if Nio-Mei had something to say to her. She did mainly because she had been taking care of a friend and therefore Nio-Mei might feel ignored recently.


She explained that her friend had cancer, but he had no families to take care of him; so she wanted to help. Her husband (Nio-Mei’s dad) understood. But obviously Nio-Mei didn’t. She thought her mom was abandoning her and her dad.

Nio-Mei happened to be in heat when she was brought to Miss Dolito. Taking care of her could be a burden to her dad, who’s now all alone at home and had to work. So Nio-Mei decided to stay at Miss Dolito’s pet hotel; she even said that she didn’t want to go home.


Nio-Mei was still mad at her mom. She said angrily, “Why isn’t that man dead yet? Does he fake it? Does he pretend to have cancer so that people would take care of him?” and then she said, “I think Mom and he have something. Or why is she choosing him over me and Dad? I think Mom is going to have all his money after he dies!” She even said, “What if he doesn’t die and lives another ten years and Mom has to take care of him by then? By then I’ll be the one who’s dead! Damn!”

Nio-Mei’s mom could only asked with a bitter smile what Nio-Mei wanted to bring here with her. Nio-Mei said, “Oh. My necklace. And my food! Bring all the flavors: chicken, beef and lamb. . . “ It looked like she’s going to enjoy the time outside of home very much.


Now, whenever Miss Dolito walks by, Nio-Mei started to speak ill of her mom. We know she actually just wants her mom to put her first and come home more often. Let’s hope Nio-Mei’s mom can find a way to strike a balance between family and friend. Best wishes for them all!

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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